Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's not summer break, but it feels very similar

Life as a mom of three darling high schoolers can be hectic. Can be? Wait. IS HECTIC! All. the. time. Just sayin. However...there are points in life, such as today, when the darlings have a 4 day weekend. This allows me to get up, not wait for the bathroom, not run around waking the dead 3, 4, 8, as many as it takes times, before finally bellowing, "I'm leaving!!! Good luck with getting up!"

This is peaceful, tranquil, quiet, get the picture. Just me, one big lazy dog, one small hyper dog and two adorable cats (who may become unadorable very quickly if they don't get some breakfast).

It almost seems like summer :) Ahhhhhhhhh summer. Except for the pesky snow on the ground, which serves as a reminder that school will resume on Monday. Until then, I'm livin in my fantasy summer break world. Have a great day!

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