Saturday, February 26, 2011

A useful use for something...often annoying

My husband is the king. THE KING I tell you...of bad jokes. Jokes that he thinks are hilarious and because of this feels it necessary to tell them. Repeatedly. I've tried everything to change this. I've told him the old adage...never tell a bad joke more than once. I've given him an online subscription to joke of the day. I share jokes with him that I actually think are funny. FUNNY!!!! There's a novel idea...a joke that's funny.

I think, however, I may finally had the epiphany we've all been waiting for. The other day while driving back to work, after droppin the precious one at the library for a research seminar (nothing but a good time I tell ya), driving through and getting my lunch, and not 8 seconds later receiving a call asking if I could bring him lunch, I found myself on the phone, listening to another less than stellar joke. "Did you hear about the midget (If your under 4' please don't be offended, it's not my joke) that moved into a nudist colony?" Uh, no, and I probably don't want to, was my response. "He was asked to leave cuz he always had his nose in everyone's business" Followed by nearly hysterical laughter at the other end of the phone. I was silent. "Did you hear me? He had his nose..." Yes dear, I heard you. "Well isn't that crazy funny?" Silence. I do actually feel badly for him at times ;)

Wait for it...

Here's my new solution! Honey, I said. I think I have a useful use for your jokes! The very next time a telemarketer or better yet A BILL COLLECTOR calls you....TELL THEM YOUR JOKES!!!! There I said it! Doesn't that just sound like the best solution ever? Certainly it will cut down on unwanted calls and my husband could continue to tell the bad jokes over and over to someone other than me...or his precious children...or his mother...or anyone else that will listen. If you'd like, we could start a daily email of bad jokes and you could use them too!

Needless to say, my husband went on to figure out who he hadn't told his latest and worst too...his poor mother. Sorry Grandmother I tried to deter him, but to no avail. Better luck next time!

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Shari said...

Too funny! Maybe he needs to find a new audience?