Sunday, March 13, 2011

Are you thinking Christmas yet?

It is just the very strangest thing, how urges come and go with me. My very latest urge is to cross-stitch, which I find very odd. I haven't cross stitched in about a hundred years, but when I go to my mother in law's house or my mom's house, there hang beautiful cross stiches that I have done over the years. In true form, I have none in my house...none. Well, as long as you don't count the unfinished projects! (I know they're around here somewhere!) I've been wanting to start cross stitching again for about a month now. I have talked myself out of it over and over telling myself, it will soon be spring and the garden will need the attention, not the cross stitch! Recently I have told myself that perhaps the house requires the attention, perhaps finishing the half peeled wall paper border in my dining room and maybe even using the paint that I bought 3 months ago to paint the dining room! Oh, and I might possibly find time to find my missing telephoto lens and the battery charger for my camera. Lord help me! So much to do, so little time; unfortunately to no avail...

Today...I gave in.

After a blissful hour spent at Michael's browsing the painting aisle, the scrap aisle, the floral isle, the cake making aisle, and the cross stitch aisle...I was hooked. And what I have I decided on you ask? Christmas stockings!
When I came home and hopped on ebay, I found myself humming Christmas carols on this, the 'spring ahead day' with the warmest weather of the year. How very odd is that? I am most pleased to say I purchased this little darling on ebay...
You can't stand it right?!? Neither can I!! As I was looking through a variety of patterns and picking out one for my husband and I, I thought to myself..." the not too distant future there may be spouses, that may require a stocking on the fireplace, and self, you better buy more than five patterns" :) And so I did!!! NINE, count them NINE for each of us, and three for future spouses, and 1 extra :) In case there's a pattern I don't like!
I strangely feel better. I've talked myself into the fact that I can cross stitch in the summer...after dark right? Then I won't be taking time away from the garden, the bird feeders, walking the dog or any other daylight sort of thing. In case I haven't mentioned it...I am also DONE!!! with a capital D; DONE with college in 7 short weeks and I will certainly require something to fill my time. Not to mention I have a baby going off to college in 5 short months. I am anticipating some time to cross stitch. It's good to know I'll have plenty of patterns to choose from!
Completely away from the Christmas topic...I made my first potential garden trade today. (insert an incurable smile on my face) Let me begin by saying that my house and especially my gardens have suffered over the past 5 years I have been in graduate school and interning. This year, I intend to get these gardens in order! Ihave even contemplated rejoining the plantaholics garden club :) My son's friend's mom (got that?) has a beautiful hosta that I have been envying for the past few summers. Today I mentioned to her, as I was there to pick up his forgotten DS, you know, I'd love to trade you some hosta of mine for some hosta of yours...and she agreed! Give us a few more weeks when they peek through the ground and let the trading begin!!!
Happy Spring! oh...and Merry Christmas!

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