Saturday, March 26, 2011

Highly Educated and Flat Broke

If you're en education monger like me...did you ever find yourself saying after this degree I'll get this job and then...or, after this degree I'll get that job and then...or do you find yourself saying, after the 4th degree, I'll get that job, the economy will take a dump, pay cuts, furlough days, unpaid holidays and benefit increases will ensue? ME NEITHER!!! Well, despite the stupid, ugly, annoying, disturbing...well you get the picture...economy, I still find myself on the path to paying down my debt and sending my first daughter off to college. Has it been easy? Really? Not at all. But I'm sticking to it. We have sure learned to live with less....and that often includes gas and groceries, but there are times you feel like you're being closed in on and then the break is going to come. I surely hope that's where I'm at.

I finally have my type 75, which means I can and am applying to a variety of schools to see what options are out there for me. I am also just waiting for one more form from my college so that I can take my LCSW and finally after almost 6 years can begin seeing clients that have insurance. I have always said, when I knew starting out the road would be this long, I wouldn't have started. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't know...and I'm glad I started...and I'm even more glad I finished. Now it's time to accept the challenges, take the risks and move forward.

I've been married 21 years. The very first book my husband and I read together was "Do what you love, the money will follow". OK, every day I find myself doing what I love. It is now time for the money to follow!

On a brighter kids are on spring break this week. I am not, but I took the week off for 2 reasons. It's the last spring break my kids will be home together and I didn't want to miss it. AND, oh my gosh, could I be any further behind? The paint I bough in December is still sitting in the dining room with the half-stripped wallpaper. That, my friends, cannot continue any longer! The laundry and this house have been put on notice...Spring Cleaning time has arrived!!!
Open the windows and let the fresh air of spring move you!

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Shari said...

Do what you know and the money will follow never says how much money, does it?