Saturday, October 1, 2011

The woman of the place may have been the subject of an undercover experiment

I (Mrs. Ruchus) do the bulk of the cooking around here. The Mr. cooks on the grill and frequently reheats left overs and once in a while has been known to brown a pan of hamburger, but other than's on me. I'm a bland eater and a bland cooker. (I like it that way duh!) The Mr. however feels the need to add Lots o salt and pepper to everything I cook.

Today, while I was here catching up on facebook, the hubby was heating leftovers and asked if I would like some. Of course I said...Parmesan cheese? He said. Of course, I said. AND he even heated it up for me. So nice! He dropped off the leftovers in the den for me and headed to the family room. I took one bite and it was good...immediately after bite #2 my mouth was WAY hot!! I said, did you salt and pepper this? Of course he said...I thought I was going to eat it, but then you wanted some. know, he had to be sitting in the family room waiting with baited breath to see if I would EVEN notice the taste! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!! Wait...I then had to compose myself after saying yuck 80,000 times and thank him for heating me up some leftovers :) It really was a nice thought...right?

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