Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming 2011 and Christmas preparedness

Does that title grab you? If so...welcome to my world. As I see the pages of my cherished Covey planner ticking away into October, I know that the holidays are right around the corner. I haven't had a chance to see my family as much as I would like to and perhaps that is the reason that I simply cannot wait for the holidays. One of my daughters this weekend said, "I'm in the mood to bake cookies". Me too! I was in GFS the other day admiring the trays and covers they have there and thinking how awesome it would be to use those for my cookie deliveries. In addition, I have saved a few recipies on my night stand to be added to the trial list this year. If you are a long time reader, you know that cookie baking is big business for the Ruchus. We hit over 300 dozen every year, a five day process, and we all look forward to and love it. At least I do :) This year we're going to add a gingerbread house decorating party for all the little ones in the family as a new tradition.

This week I added to my planner to clean the kitchen...for 3 days. This will allow me enough time to clean and organize cabinets in preparation of making the cookies. Next will be a complete scrub down of the kitchen, top to bottom. I'm not sure about you, but I have pets in my house and I don't appreciate hair in the, we always start wtih a good fall cleaning.

Many lists of Christmas gifts have run through my head already as well. In past years, especially the last two I haven't really had anything special in mind for the folks on my list, which is not the case this year. I've also been cross stitching Christmas stockings all summer long, so perhaps that is why I am anticipating the season. Who knows...I do know, it feels better than last year when I really had a hard time getting in the spirit. I think I was so burned out on graduate school, and tired, and broke that even on the best was tough. I feel the outlook this year is just a bit brighter...hope that feelings hangs on until December 26th!

OK, next...Homecoming!! For whatever reason homecoming at our local high school gets earlier and earlier. It used to be near the end of October. Last year it was a few weeks earlier (still freezing by the way) and this year it was moved to September! As an educator and a mom, I appreciate the earlier homecoming because I really feel the kids don't concentrate academically as much until all the festivities and match making are over. My precious one disagrees and says having homecoming so early puts undo stress on the students by having to find a date so early in the year. It's always good to know both sides of the story. Anyway...we had a slightly smaller budget this year, but learned some good tricks on saving money and my baby girl looked fabulous regardless! (If I don't say so myself) I really like her darling boyfriend (don't tell a highschooler I called him darling ok?) and I like his family as well. You can go to my facebook page - via the tag over there on the right...the one that says facebook :) to see ALL 120 or so pictures...and I'll share a few with you here as well. As the crazy mamarazzi that I am, I especially appreicated having 'no group' this year, which meant no other kids to coordinate time, place, parents, number of pics etc. AND I finally got my choice of locals: Downtown.

Our downtown is a place that not too many people venture to. I however work downtown and so everyday as I drive I think, that would be a great place for pictures, and so would that and so would that. So, finally...we have beautiful downtown urban pics. The precious one's boyfriend said, why are we taking pictures in an alley? Well, I appreciate the mix of glamour and alley. What can I say? Judge for yourself.

You'll have to judge photos via my facebook page since blogger has not been cooperating with photo uploads. As technical difficulties allow I will eventually post pics here too :)

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Shari said...

We have been cleaning out toyboxes and closets with the words, "Christmas is coming. You need to make space for your new stuff." I already started Christmas shopping because I love the season only when I don't have to go to a mall/store. If I can make it through Christmas without going to the mall, it's a good year.