Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello 11-12

Even though my two youngest have been in school for a few weeks, my new school year and my daughter's 1st year of college both start tomorrow. As school administrator, I choose to always start the school year with a kick off breakfast to welcome everyone back and hope to have something inspirational to say. That's where I'm stuck. Last year was a tough cuts, staff changes, loss of our director, and of course a whole slew of personal struggles, I have now formally dismissed along with August. I'm not sure what I'll say tomorrow, probably something completely memorable like "Welcome Back!" This has been such a restful break for me. I didn't make endless to do lists, which is VERY unlike me...but I got a lot done: at home and at school and I feel very rested and ready to go back to work. That's pretty good I think!

Looking ahead...

This is the year I will take my LCSW test so I can begin seeing clients with insurance...this will, in turn, allow me to begin paying down the national debt student loans. I'm also hoping this to be my last year of working my third job. I think I'll have to have my old dog put to sleep this year, I'll have to start working on a formal transition plan to get my sonshine from high school to college and perhaps I'll clean the basement! One thing I do know is that one summer spent not in graduate school has allowed me to catch up more than I ever thought possible. One daughter in college and the other two in high school and driving have given me more time to myself than I ever thought possible. This past year has definitely been a year of transitions for me and I can only wonder what the new year will bring. I have certainly grown closer to God this year and have prayed more than ever before. I have set many goals and accomplished much.

This is the year we have committed to no vacations and to pay bills instead. That sounds completely no fun, but just a little bit responsible. Somewhere down the road is retirement for me and a house on the beach...Missing a week at the beach this year will be worth retiring on the beach some day :) Remind me I said that when it's 20 below here!

While I contemplate what last minute inspiring thing to say tomorrow, I think I'll watch several episodes of the Young and the Restless to empty my DVR. Surely there should be some inspiration there right?

OK, Now for a quick photo update of the Joyous one's college adventure.

Her room is all set up...with a place to relax....

and a place to sleep and study....

And of's just a little bit pink :)

Let's just say...the 4th floor was...HOT!

We dropped her off at the arts building to change her major (again), kissed her goodbye, and we were off!

Study hard!! We love you!

She went for one day...moved in...stayed overnight...had welcome to college kick off...then came back home. (Something about it was just too hot to sleep there!) Since then she's been home 4 days and left to go to college again. About a half hour later she returned with a friend. I exclaimed "Gee! I hardly missed you!" and continued weeding the flower gardens. About 20 minutes ago...she left again...for college. She said she'd call when she got there so perhaps now she has really left. All this repeated leaving makes this whole going to college thing much easier on the Mama. Thank God she didn't go to California! Look how much she's saved me already in airfare :) I am so very proud of the young lady she has become...just four more years til graduation. Again!

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