Monday, August 24, 2009

The anticipation is killing me, and we ain't talkin ketchup here...

Today, my two oldest started school. The precious one starts tomorrow. Since I have always been a working mom, the first day of school has always been special to me. I've always taken the first day of school off work and this year is no different. (Actually this year I have the first week of school off ) -- In the past I've always had a special treat waiting for the kids when they got home. This year however in our quest to keep food on the table, there will be no special treat, but the mama will be here...waiting anxiously and ever so patiently for them to get home and for the stories to flow...guess who's in this class, guess who's in that class, this happened and that happened and you know how it goes...that is, if you're lucky enough to have the first day of school off work =) I'm trying hard not to crane my head out the front door and look really obvious, but anytime a car goes by I'm hoping it's the big girl pulling in the driveway. The clock tells that in 6 minutes, the sonshine should be home...Although I'm sad to see the summer end way too soon, I'm very anxious to hear all the stories...and to welcome them home on from their first day of school.

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