Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can you say paid in full?

Today was school registration for the kids at the Ruchus household. Actually it started two days ago but I've been SO swamped at work that I just hadn't gotten around to it. I had planned to take the darlings tonight to register, but one had volleyball, one had a party, and the other had to work...(more on that later). So, I took time off of work today...three and a half hours to be get the darlings registered for school. I had decided to turn over a new leaf this year and pay all of the god awful registration fees up front. I nearly threw up on my way back to work, after reviewing what I had spent...but I got through it. Here's a brief synopsis...

2 activity passes $70
3 year books $105
1 parking permit $100
3 gym shirts $30
1 middle school spirit shirt $10
1 middle school hoodie $27
1 picture package $30
2 high school registrations $290
1 middle school registration$135

Would you like me to do the math for you? Drum roll please..... $797 school registration fees 1 hoodie, 1 tshirt. $800 I kid you not. That doesn't include sports fees that are now $150 per sport. Did I mention we haven't bought any school clothes, pack packs or supplies yet? I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that back to school has surpassed Christmas as the biggest spending day for me. Ugh.....I'm still trying to get over the shock of it all. I took a lot of deep breaths on my way back to work. It all just seems a bit unreasonable to me.

On a lighter has been CRAZY this week. Oh wait, that's not a lighter about my big girl started her new J-O-B today. That's exciting no? I'm not sure how she'll be able to work much with her crazy schedule, but I'm encouraging her to begin saving for college which is two short years away. (Lord Help me)

I'm gonna share their classes and then...perhaps finish cooking dinner since it is 8:00--- perhaps then some laundry, then perhaps some sleep :)

The big girl is taking...

Honors accelerated English
Computer Art Illustrator
Accelerated US History
Honors Chemistry
Honors Precalculus...what that means is that with a master's degree I can officially help her with 1 class. She has surpassed my level of knowledge...and she's a junior!

The Boy is taking...

directed study
physical science
keyboarding/computer concepts
contemporary world studies

The precious one is taking

Language Arts
Social Studies

I think I can still help her with homework ;)

We spent an amazing weekend in amazing it's going to require a whole nother post,,,with lots of photos....

adios for now!


Sarah Doyle said...

whew! I am right there with ya.. only registered the two but its killing me! The sports fees are even worse..FYI!

Shari said...

Wasn't someone supposed to warn us that public schools cost so much out-of-pocket money? I feel like I need to start saving for high school, not college.