Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is it too soon to start the countdown?

I started back to school today to complete my second Master's degree...Honestly, I was a bit sick to my stomach. It is really not what I had planned to do and just really happened to fall into my lap. I often wonder however if it's a fork in the road to my true destination. I think it's right...I just hope it's right in the end and that I didn't make a hasty decision. I know this additional degree will serve me well and give me a few more choices as I'm getting older. The promotion that goes along with this degree will be a great boost for my retirement plan, which sadly, I had neglected up until about 5 years ago. So, I have a lot of catch up to do.

In other news, both happy and sad...the kids start school Monday :) and :( mixed emotions about that. Where has the summer gone and why am I so not ready for it to be over?

The precious one started fall ball tonight and won her first game :)

My old great dane is now limping on his front leg :(

There was a baby persian kitten at work today :)

I have 11 days off, some of which I'll actually take off and get some work done at home :)

I have a great baby niece due anyday :)

I miss my dad :(

I miss my pastor :(

I miss my gramma bee :(

(Seems to be a whole lotta missing lately)

I'm glad summer weather finally arrived :)

I'm really grateful the hasbeen's shop was busy a few days this week :)

I'm glad to have a wonderful job that I love :)

Thanks for listening...

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