Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What an awesome place the library is...

First of all, please excuse me for ending the title with the word is. It doesn't sit well with me as I'm sure it doesn't sit well with some of you...but that is the way it is today.

I have discovered...that I really must get out more. I mean really. It has also occurred to me that I have missed so much being in graduate school for what seems like forever. Between the 3 jobs, the internship, and the first round of graduate school...there are things in life I missed. Like being at home.

Today's post isn't about being at home however, it's about going out. Tonight the big girl, the sonshine and I went to the library, then to Big Lots, and then to the pet store. I, for one, could fart around (not literally, ok, maybe sometimes literally, no not really, well maybe, not) ANYWAY, I could wander around endlessly in stores and look at stuff, and marvel at how cheap the prices are at the Big Lots, and how I thought this pet store went out of business, but lo and behold, here it is in a new location in a mall, and I could REALLY marvel at all the goings on in the library...families playing games, youth groups in the computer lab, classes going on, families with young children reading and checking out books together, local history...I was amazed! Evidently it had been MUCH too long since I had been experienced the splendor of the library. It was a wonderful day to stop and smell the roses, or the books if you will. I'm so glad not to have missed it!

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