Tuesday, January 12, 2010

14 !?!?

Can you believe the precious one has turned 14?!? Where has the time gone? I have to be honest that a part of me is celebrating joyously a bit relieved that the some times tumultuous 13th year is now in the past. Middle school is on it's way out and I, for one, am looking forward to high school. The fun, the experiences, the memories. I still can't grasp 14...for my baby.

The family gathered for cake on Dad's side...

Mom's side will be coming up as soon as all of our schedules coincide...and then of course there'll be the friend party. More on that later...

For now...Happy Birthday Nina!

Make a wish lovie!!

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Nina! She's a beautiful girl! My oldest daughter is 14, too - so far it's been a rollercoaster. But lots of fun! Isn't it great to see our little girls grow into young women?