Thursday, January 7, 2010

I think not...

We are a 3 cat family. One cat is my brothers...we are caring for him until my brother gets an apartment that allows pets. Then there's Julio...He was our third cat...and I love him, but he is not the chosen one. The chosen one, is our first cat...Jake. There is no upsetting Jake, no picking up Jake, no moving Jake, no bothering Jake...because Jake is the chosen one. Really! I love him the best (GASP!) And I'm just a little bit honest about it. He sleeps on our bed. He is just precious.

The only bad thing about Jake is that he likes to sneak outside. All of our cats are indoor cats, but since Jake likes to sneak out, we've had him micro chipped. Even so, it still terrifies me that he will get out and meet a terrible a coyote. :( Today, as in most of the nation, we're getting snow and lots of it. Jake was curiously by the door....thinking perhaps it was time to sneak out. I bravely left the door wide open for him, prepared to run right outside and grab him, should he take the opportunity. Let's just say....Jake passed on that one... He's safe and warm sitting next to me in a chair by the computer.

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