Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Minute School Projects

I am certain our family is the champion last minute project maker. I remember all too well when I was growing up, that waiting until the last minute to inform mom or dad, (No not dad...just mom) that a school project was due was definitely a no-no. This rule has definitely not been handed down to our children. As I recall we also didn't have nearly the amount of projects that kids today have.
Kristina announced one night about 7:00.."Oh, I have a language arts project due tomorrow. I have to make a character puppet and a poster." Off we ran to Walgreen's to pick up some poster board. Gratefully, we just happen to have an array of wonderful materials to make just about any school project with last minutes' notice! This project called for an Asian girl puppet, with a pink party dress and a heart shaped necklace...
What do you think?
Not too bad eh? A paper bag, some googly eyes, pop dots to make a nose, lip linerfor the mouth, an American Girl pink party dress and necklace, coke box arms, and an Asian wig carefully removed from one of my porcelain dolls and voila! One last minute language arts project. By the way...she got an A. And I think that puppet could not have been any cuter!
How bout you? What do you do that's crazy last minute?


Shari said...

I hope I'm as inspired when I have last minute projects. Nice work!

Sean said...

I am in high school and I try to avoid leaving projects until the last minute. Sometimes though, I can't avoid last minute work and I have to complete school projects in one day.