Friday, April 10, 2009

It is Well With My Soul...

The first song you hear when opening my blog is It Is Well. This was always a victorious song for I loved to sing at the top of my lungs as almost a victory march against life challenges. One year my daughter's competition dance team danced to this song and I have just been so moved by it ever since. When I attended my pastor's funeral a few weeks ago...this song was played at his service. It was no longer a song of victory for was a song of intense sadness and longing. As time has passed I have not yet found myself able to change my music...even though usually after a couple weeks I have to change songs because I get tired of them.

Today I realized why I haven't changed this song yet. I believe I may almost be to the point that I can sing this song victoriously...having faith in the Father...and knowing that Pastor Bill is where he worked hard to be his entire life. It seems that a bit of healing has moved over me. *sigh*

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