Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Cheerleaders...that is the thought for today. Remember cheerleaders? When I was in high school, some of them were my friends, some of them had drinking issues, some of them were sickeningly popular, some of them were smart, some of them weren't. As I go to high school basketball and football games I usually watch the cheerleaders more than the game itself. I sit in awe of how obsessed they are with image and their every move. So much so, that they look kind of nerdy trying to act excited while still being cool. Odd how our images of certain things change as we get older.

Over the past few days (probably with regard to the fact that graduation quickly looms ahead of me), I have been contemplating the cheerleaders in my life. Perhaps because I am experiencing so much support at both of my new jobs...cheerleaders are in the forefront of my mind. People often comment to me...gee, I don't know how you do it...I do it, largely in part to the cheerleaders in my life. Not cheerleaders in polyester miniskirts and too tight shirts, the ones seeking popularity...I'm talking about CHEERLEADERS...real life cheerleaders...the ones that make me kinda blush when they say such nice things, or are so encouraging... I believe I have been so very blessed to have such an abundance of cheerleaders in my life...today, I thought I'd recognize a few of them...

My Mama...nuf said right? Shouldn't your Mama always be your #1 cheerleader?

My Mama-n-law...How could a girl be so lucky to have two Mama's love her like mine do?

My honey...not always the first to step up...but always stepping up with quiet unwavering support...a lot of times, he lets me think about things to be sure they're for me, before throwing in his support...and then when things get a little crazy (like the whole school board sign thing) he's there to pick up the slack that my overbusiness leave behind.

My children...they think I'm nerdy and not nearly rich enough...but they're still able to step outside of their teenage egos to cheer on the Mama.

My bubbas...Bill & Tim...whether it was college algebra...reiterating time and time again that yes, I have chosen the wrong type of dog for me, financial advice, fixing my computers for the hundredth time, while shaking their head, what to do with our parents advice...again...they're always there.

My friends...I have mentioned here that I have to schedule time for friends and that there was a time in my life when I literally had no friends, cuz I literally didn't take the time to do so...Now I have friends that I love dearly. Like sisters. I've never had a sister, but if I did...their names would be Angie, Sarah, Stacie, Anne, and Carleen.

Those that have gone before us...Poppy, Gramma Bee, Aunt Ruth, Pastor Bill

Work friends...you know the ones...you don't 'hang out' ...but you love them none the less...Cheryl, Racie, Nita, Ann, Ann, Laura, Alisha, Neen, Ela, Jackie, Angie

Bosses...I am blessed to have two of the kindest hearted bosses...Linda and Wendy

Church friends, pastors and their families

New found cheerleaders...school board friends, voters, face book friends (wow!)

How could a person with that much support, not be successful? It just isn't possible...

Finally...the Great JC...today, I'm giving thanks for the ultimate cheerleader...who continues to bless me abundantly...

"Shine...make em wonder what you got. Make em wish that they were not, on the outside looking bored. Shine, let em shine before all men. Let em see great works and then, let em glorify the Lord." Newsboys

If you find that you are not surrounded by cheerleaders...make a change, make new friends, get a new job, learn a new career, get or finish an education...it's up to you! If you're a cheerleader in my life... THANK YOU!!! You mean the world to me.

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Stacie said...

I'd be happy to one more time say I don't know how you do it, and I'm excited for you to graduate and have more time on your hands. Missing scrap nights already.
Love You