Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just pretend they're there...even if they're not

I was out and about yesterday...first let me say that I'm off work this week from my day job. Seriously, this is the first week off work that I've been home by myself in forever. I can't believe how much I'm getting done (oh AND how much there is to do!...geeeez how did I get so behind?)

Anyway...yesterday I did homework, laundry, dishes, napped, and then I had to go to the college to work for a few hours (that's my night job, not to be confused with my day job) -- so I had to stop and get cat food, since the darlings' world was ending if they didn't get food in their fat bellies soon...again, I digress...after the cat food run, I thought that a pot belly sandwich was sounding mighty I stopped in. I stepped in line and ordered a turkey on white, no cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato...which was evidently WAY too many instructions for the dude behind the counter. He replied do you want cheese, bacon and mushrooms? Uhhhh... what? No, mayo, lettuce, and tomato..., "Oh, you order toppings at the next station," was his reply. Ok, so I moved to the next station where the SAME dude was working. He acted like he'd never seen me before. "What do you want on your sandwich?" I said, Mayo, lettuce and tomato, AND no cheese (Since my newly toasted sandwich had gobs of cheese on it, that I had clearly not ordered...YUCK!) so he peeled off the cheese and asked if I wanted mustard and something else...NO!!! MAYO LETTUCE TOMATO...THAT'S IT!!! 3RD TIME!!! I was silently yelling in my he dressed my sandwich and sent me on my way. When I was paying... a new guy got in line and asked for vegetable soup. The same worker dude yelled at the top of his lungs, "ONE CUP OF VEGETABLE!" and then proceeded over to the soup station, dished up the soup, and went back to the ordering station and delivered it to the customer. Odd...Very odd...perhaps, there should be other people working at other stations, and perhaps this guy is hoping they're there (which they are NOT by the way) and perhaps he can't adjust to being the only dude working...but let me tell was a strange (at best) experience.

By the way...when I was in the car eating my sandwich guess what was on it... ONIONS!!! Now...go back and reread this post. Of the three times I ordered the toppings on my sandwich, did you even once hear the slightest mention of onions? Me neither.


Tonya B said...

I get all my laughs from daily
that is so funny because I love pot Bellies and usually have no problem, but maybe because i don't get much on my sandwich.

have a wonderful day
I am a stalker, love your blog

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I wonder if he was doing it to entertain himself or if he had multiple personality disorder.

Did he have different accents at each station?

Jacque said...

OMG!! Different accents at each station would have been too much!! thanks for reading the Ruchus...glad you're here!

Grammie said...

Oh my goodness...LOL! The funniest part about your story is when I read "Pot Bellie's," I wondered what kind of an establishment it was as I have only heard of "Pot Belly Pigs" and I think they run wild here in Arizona! Now, I am assuming it is a place like Subway? You'll have to introduce me to it in a couple weeks. I only hope that a different person is behind the you know what our "BIG Girl" says about her Grammie.."The only time she has seen her angry is when she gets poor service at a restaurant.." ;(

luv, yo mam