Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Be it ever so humble...

There is no place like my own bed :) We just took an amazing trip to Disney World for the joyous one's graduation from high school. It was a fabulous trip, because not only did the Ruchus attend with two boyfriends in tow, but also, my two brothers and their lovely wives. Eleven of us in all! There will soon be a photo montage of the 400 images of all things Disney...AND I hope to get a copy of my sister in law's pics that actually have me in them! Shocking I know, but I digress.

OK, so, you know how you don't appreciate something until it's gone? Well that is what I discovered about my bed. You see, we have one of those beds that when the other person don't feel it. And I must admit, I appreciate it every day. Let me mention that Disney World did NOT have the foresight to invest in 80,000 of those mattresses and WOW did I notice! I was certain I was on a cruise ship, or in a tornado, or an earthquake or something every time the man of the place moved in the super tiny double Disney bed.

So....besides having a great time, spending some MUCH needed time with my brothers and family (including celebrating the 10 year anniversary of my kidney donation) the best part of being home is by far my bed! As I sat in bed for the best part of two hours catching up on work email...let me just mention that I don't think the man of the place has moved once. Evidently he saved all that for the super tiny double Disney bed.

Did I mention I was glad to be home?

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