Saturday, June 18, 2011

I know a large Blue dog that needs a face lift...

We have a large dog. An old large dog. With big saggy lips. The lips have never been a problem until he turned about 10 1/2. We first started noticing wet spots on the floor where he had been sleeping. Assuming he was becoming incontinent, we assumed the worst. However the spots were no where near large enough to be that. We finally figured out it was drool.

Our dog is part great Dane and part he has big saggy lips. Now, evidently they are too saggy to hold in the drool. There are not only wet spots where he sleeps, but around his water bowl since part of the water goes in, and the other part leaks out his lips!

I've heard of a tummy tuck, but never a lip tuck. Perhaps he needs collagen implants in his lips to fluff them up a bit and thereby hold in the drool?

Anyone one know a dog plastic surgeon? Or better yet, anyone wanna donate several boxes of swiffers for the cause?

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