Thursday, June 30, 2011

I hear voices...not the kind that require $300 an hour therapy sessions, but voices none the less

I am a country music monger. When driving in the car the other day my baby niece said..."Auntie, we don't listen to this music at my house, we only listen to rock and roll." The funny part of that statement is that her mama sure doesn't listen to rock and roll, unless Brittany Spears and Lady Gaga have suddenly changed genres. Anyway, I digress...on the second sentence, that must be a record.

I was going to blog about voices. A post that was inspired by the country song...Voices, by Chris Young. A few lines...

I hear voices...

Like my dad sayin, work that job, but don't work your life away
Mama tellin me to drop some cash, in the offering plate on Sunday.
And Grandad sayin you can have a few, but don't ever cross the line.
I hear voices all the time.

You get the picture now right? THOSE kind of voices.

So as I was deep in thought paying close attention to driving and listening to that song I began to ponder a variety of the voices that still bounce around in my head today. Come to think of it, maybe some did require therapy...clearly that's a story for another day...

Thought I'd share a few of my favorites...

Work before play .... I'm not sure, but I've surely been called a work-a-holic

Pretty is as pretty does .... I'm still pondering that and I'm not sure where sarcasm falls on that continuum...but sarcasm can be pretty, right?

Showers and snacks before 9:00 ... probably why my kids have no bed time ...

If this is old age, I don't want any part of it ... A truer word has never been mumbled by my precious Gramma Bee

Are you cereal? ... spoken when something just couldn't be

S'nice piece ... Originally spoken to depict a lovely antique

Flip-ops ... all rubber bottom shoes shall now be known as flip-ops

It's too mall ... when something clearly doesn't fit!

It's not Santa, it's Marks! ... from a little friend who departed this Earth MUCH too early and clearly wasn't fooled by that Santa costume!

Graaaatefully I didn't write these down while I was paying careful attention to my driving...they just all continued to bounce around in my head. There are so many. It amazes me how many times each day I think of the person who's 'line' I still hear to this their voice. They are fond memories...they have become a part of my voice.

You have voices? Feel free to share them here and save the therapy fee :)


Shari said...

My voices say, "Once in a while you have to just stop and play." I always feel like there is something else I should be doing rather than playing.

Jacque said...

Right on Shari! I am learning to do that more and more, after so many years of work, school,and babies :) It was quite the adjustment though!