Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

This week is often referred to as Christmas week for the Ruchus...due to the inordinate number of birthday's in our family...My mama's bday was yesterday...I remembered to call her AND send the card...all be it a bit is my hubby's birthday...Friday is my mother-in-laws birthday and next week it's my brother's! Whew what a busy time. We used to have more birthday's this week except that some of those folks have passed away. But happy birthday to them as well :)

Today we went to Magic Waters for the hubby's bday. He left work for a few hours and met us there. Because we have season passes we got great coupons for free tube rentals, plus 5 free passes for friends to attend. We also got free yummy strawberry shortcake at half past 1which was a fabulous summer afternoon treat.! While perusing facebook earlier this evening, I realized quite a few people I know were there and miraculously I didn't see any of them.

Today there was "0" accomplished on the tackle it list, oh except I did make a wonderfully yummy dinner...pork steak, corn on the cob, and my favorite pasta/broccoli salad. I love summer meals. Of course, I also like winter meals. I'm just a season kind of girl. I love the seasons...each one for its' own reason.

I wanted to close by sharing the latest phenomenon as the Ruchus raises 3 teenagers. There was a time not too long ago, where my kids would always say to me..."Turn that music down, it's too loud." To which I would reply..."Just wait, your day will come when you're music is too loud for me." Guess what...that day has come. I'm wishing for a nickle for every time one of them says, "Turn it up!!! I love this song!" Followed by, "Turn it up more, I still can't hear it!" (sigh) -- is this where I say I told you so?

PS, that crazy judge from so you think you can dance has got to go! My big girl is watching that show three rooms away from me on another level and that judges voice is still annoying me. OK, I'll stop now...back to tackling tomorrow.

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