Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let's meet to discuss a meeting

Did you ever have one of those days that were so consumed with meetings you could hardly stand it? Today, I was scheduled to work 6 hours and during those 6 hours I had 7 meetings scheduled. Now that hardly seems reasonable doesn't it? Of those 7 meetings, 4 were IEP's which made it especially painful!

Ok, enough of that, onto life as I know it. The kids officially finished school yesterday which always bodes for a big sigh of relief for the Ruchus. As I left this morning, two of the darlings were still sleeping and Steph was off to dance practice, bright and early! Outside of the fact that three teenagers may eat me out of house and home this summer and may kill each other while they're at it, I'm glad for school to be over. I'm now the proud Mama of an 8th grader, a freshman and a junior! Hard to believe isn't it?

My sonshine started Driver's Education tonight. He was quite a bit anxious and chose a chair in the back corner. I'm waiting for him to come home as we speak to hear all about it. He gets his permit on Thursday, and then the adventure begins! As his anxiety was increasing he said, I don't think driving is really that important any more! In fact, he thought he'd stay home. I told him that driving is an important and useful skill especially if one would like to get a job. So, he thought maybe he'd give it a try. He was quite dismayed that he had to take a pen since in school he types all his work. He was just a bit freaked out at the prospect of having to write! Thank goodness this is only 4 weeks. Say a little prayer for him...and for me :)

This week I'm taking a little "me" time--scrapbooking with the girls on Thursday and then Kenny Chesney with a friend on Saturday. What a fabulous week!


Shari said...

I can relate to your meeting schedule. I am contracted to work 40 hours a week/8 hours a day. No overtime allowed. Okay, that's the good part. The bad part is some days I spend 4 hours in meetings. Umm..when am I supposed to get my work done?

Grammie said...

WOW! It's nice to know the Ruchus are all still living, breathing creatures in the Midwest. I was becoming very worried. I am still waiting for Kristina's call. I would call her, however I do not have her #...luv yo mama