Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Amazing week of Awesomeness

Wow! What a week it's been, even if I only worked 4 days :) It was a busy whirlwind time that culminated in the big girl's dance team try outs...she made the team by the way and is so excited.

It seemed the jet lag from three years of grad school is finally behind me. My energy has returned and I feel like I'm on the path to some semblance of normalcy in my life. Don't get me wrong, there are many many (so many) projects that are yet to be caught up, but at least I'm on my way. Friday I did normal things like clean out, wash and fill up the car, went shopping for some more flowers with the mother in law and out to dinner. Saturday, I played ALL DAY!!! Spent time with my great niece, nieces, great nephews and in laws. I took my girls for some much needed clothes shopping, played at the mall with the baby girl and then headed to Chuck E. Cheese for my great nephew's birthday party. That night the hubby and I ran errands, bought mulch, completed one of the flower beds and spent some time chilling out. Today I was up BRIGHT and early and met a friend for breakfast at 6:45 after a much needed girly chat session, I was off to church to greet and enjoy the service. The girls headed to Magic Waters with their new season passes (even though it was only 70 degrees) and I got busy...laundry, scrubbed my kitchen, replaced light bulbs, cleaned the outside of the fridge, bleached, disinfected, killed germs and generally overhauled the kitchen :) It is so sparkling! I planted flowers around two more trees tonight and only have two to go before that project is done. I got my calendar all organized for the summer, added all of the kids sporting events, and now...I'm puttin on the walkman, grabbing a flashlight and the dog, and heading out to enjoy this beautiful night air. I have another busy week ahead...teaching two nights, therapist one night, a friends party another night, working at church on Friday night, softball kick off, a wedding, and dinner at my nieces on Saturday...and then...the baby girl on Sunday :) Hope to find some time to clean some kitchen cabinets this week too.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...I signed up for spark people today to finally get the diet underway. I am really hoping to be totally committed. The precious one and I signed up together so hopefully we can encourage each other.

Have a fabulous week!


Stacie said...

Love sparkpeople. good luck

Sarah Doyle said...

Great news that she made the team!
Isn't it nice when you feel like life gets normal..if only for a day or two?? enjoy while it lasts and good luck on your diet..two months and I'm down 25 pounds-it's worth all the hard work:)

jennifer said...

I signed up for Sparkpeople but I haven't used it yet :( I have GOT to do something.

Congrats to your daughter for making dance line.

Kim Arden Horta said...

Dear Jacque, I have mailed your graduation card. I had it with me at Dad's memorial, but forgot to give it to you. We are so proud of you. I know Mom and Dad would have been too. Thanks for being a my favorite cousin and achieving greatness. You are a wonderful example to my grown children. Love ya! Kim

Grammie said...

WOW! 7 days and no new posrs....I think U-Tube has got you hooked/ Only bad thing about that is yo mama isn't on u-tube! Therefore, I really am missing hearing about yours and my grandbabie's week. Found my camera, by the way..luv yo mama