Friday, May 8, 2009

Could you please remind me again?

Sometimes super Mom lives in my house...but sometimes not...for instance...tomorrow is prom. I have everything prepared for my daughter...dress-check, shoes-check, hair-check, mani/pedi-check, eyebrows-check, jewelry-check, alterations-check, flowers for the boy...oh no!!! Don't tell me it's the day before prom and I forget to order flowers. No problem, right? I'll just call now and order them...uhhhh not so fast....our favorite florist is full up and isn't taking any more prom flower orders. What to do, what to daughter has only reminded me every day for the past 10 really, I don't have an excuse. Greatfully, one of my friend's mothers owns a flower I got on facebook last night and pleaded my case. This morning voila! There's a response, yes they can do the flowers and I can pick them up tomorrow...fabulous! (Insert big sigh of relief here) Mission all I have to do is be the paparazzi mama...stay tuned for the photo spread :)

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