Monday, May 11, 2009

I don't care about the chess tournament...really

Tomorrow is my son's birthday. Being the most prepared Mom of all time...(except for the prom flower fiasco) I thought it may be time to get him a present. I had a bike all planned out for him...but he made it perfectly clear today that a bike was not even on his list. What WAS I thinking? So, I headed to Target tonight to pick up a highly coveted item on the list, where I heard this super, very, what were you thinking LOUD woman talking on her cell phone about her son's chess tournament. He was the local, state, national, supernational, worldwide, universe, galaxy chess tournament winner evidently AND he was only 7. Picture her, sitting in the patio furniture lounging back speaking, I kid you not, at the top of her lungs. I was innocently seeking out some weed b gone ($5.99) to replace my $1000 a season lawn service when I was overcome by this ladies incredible rudeness. I finally found my weed b gone and headed to another area of the know where Target keeps the lawn furniture right? The very, I mean very back of the store...I strolled through house wares...still heard her...strolled through scrapbooking and could still hear her. I finally got to the card section, which as you know is 1/2 way across the store and finally I could not here her. Perhaps next time she'll just want to get on the PA system so the entire store could hear her. If that's the case, I'll be the one running from the store, hands over my ears, screaming!


Anonymous said...

I care. It is incredibly hard to reach that level of mental ability especially at age 7. Chess culture is a small subculture of he community but it crosses boundaries of race, gender, ethnicity, snd social-economic status. It teaches the life lessons of the rewards of hard work. This young man may be the Tiger Woods of chess!

Jacque said...

He well may be, and my son plays chess as well...the point of the post was the use of cell phones in public...loud enough that half...literally half the store can hear.