Thursday, May 28, 2009


The big girl is trying out for the dance team at school. Are you ready for the reason? If she makes the dance team, she won't have to take PE and then she can take another academic class. Did you get that? I love my kids. The latest development with the big girl besides the dance team is that she doesn't believe she wants to go to Cal State anymore...she loves the programs at Rigly college in Florida but is convinced all that humidity will give her a bad hair day for 4 years. Clearly she doesn't realize the humidity levels in N. Illinois have got to be close or higher than those in Florida right? And she says Florida is dull. (no offense intended to you Floridians) -- dull? Florida? I wonder what state she finds exciting...oh yea...California. sigh

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Anonymous said...

mom. it isnt rigly. it is ringling.
~stephanie joy