Tuesday, March 3, 2009

25 Things about Brennan

In keeping with the theme blog lifted from my friend Stacie...here we go...

25 things about Brennan

1. He has beautiful green eyes
2. He is super handsome
3. He is very literal
4. He loves of nature
5. He loves cats and loves to annoy them
6. He is so smart
7. He plays the guitar but insists on only rock n roll, no country
8. He gives me spontaneous hugs every day
9. He tries harder than any kid I know
10. He is brave
11. He is super ticklish
12. He loves to sleep when his body agrees and will let him
13. He can participate in endless chatter
14. He is 14
15. He's in 8th grade
16. He is 'practicing' getting good grades so he can get a good student discount on his insurance
17. He starts Driver's Ed in April!
18. His favorite bird is the cardinal
19. His favorite relative is Uncle Tim
20. He plays World of War Craft (See #19)
21. He is learning to tolerate babies
22. He hates loud noises especially when made by a sister
23. He hates storms
24. He has an IQ in the superior range
25. He loves and plays every kind of trading card game

1 comment:

HeatherPride said...

I hope I still get spontaneous hugs when my Logan turns 14!