Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do you feel out of control?

For the past four days I have sat through TCI training. For those of you that don't know what that's Therapeutic Crisis that IF necessary any of the students I work with need to be restrained to protect themselves or others...I'm ready...(DO NOT LAUGH CARLENE!) One thing TCI training has taught me is that I feel old! REALLY old! Getting up and down off the floor and holding people down really is not my forte. But...trained I am none the less! So, if you're feeling like you are gonna lose it...give me a call! Ok, here's really the thing for me...for two days I learned about active listening...ummmm really....didn't I just go to Grad school for 3 YEARS!!!! to learn that? Perhaps I could test out? Perhaps I could teach that portion? Ummmmm, no ma'am just sit in the chair please. *sigh*

Here's the really important news however...are you listening? Really closely? Because... I START MY LAST CLASS TOMORROW!!! That's all I can say...I'm speechless.

Until next time...


Shari said...

Isn't that the great thing about grad school? First you sit through all the classes and then you sit through them again to be certified for your job. It never ends.

Grammie said...

Having just read this blog, yo mama is sitting here with tears running down her cheeks. No words can ever describe how very proud I am of my beautiful daughter! I am so very happy for you and your family. The past three years has required great team work and a big sacrifice from all. I am certain that all of you have grown from this very trying ( at times) experience. 46 more days and I can give you all a great big hug. YEY!...luv to all my babies big and small, yo mama