Monday, March 30, 2009

I put the pro in procrastination...

Do you ever get so far behind in life you think you might be in the lead when your life has 'lapped' you? I believe I may be there. After more than a year of working 70+ hours a hours are finally beginning to wind down. Evidently, part of me believed that the first week I didn't work all those hours I would magically get caught up. Take, for instance my research paper. It was originally due 12.15.08. Then I think they changed it to February something, and now the final deadline is April 1st. Guess what? I finally started it. Actually I started it and almost finished it. I have two pages left to finish tomorrow (that I need some help with) and then proof read it and VOILA! DONE! I have had a terrible mental block with this assignment. I finally forced myself to sit down and start it last week and then to work on it in 15 minute increments to deal with the overwhelmity (is too a word) of it all. It's very odd...mostly things with lots of numbers do this to me. I think it's someones cruel idea of a joke to make social workers take statistics!

I began to make the to do list for spring break and realized the enormity of my behindness (again...that's a word too) -- Now that I am actually home two nights a week...the laundry, cleaning, organizing, and the onset of yardwork will slowly but surely get caught up. There is painting to be done...scrap room organization to complete, many completed scrapbooks with no pictures or journaling to finish (OY!) and just an enormous to do list! I try to give myself a break because I'm not really a sit around kind of gal (except when it comes to facebook) and really, I've even cut my blog reading down to my very favorites which is about 5 a day. I have increased my sleep by a few hours a day out of necessity and now have a much sunnier outlook on life :)
So, today...I'm trying to give myself a the next few'll be amazed at all the accomplishments posted her on the ole' blog...just wait and see! But don't wait too long...I might get caught procrastinating!

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