Sunday, March 1, 2009

At some point I'll catch up!

I have resorted to keeping a running list of all the blog posts I have waiting in my head. And even though I should be doing the taxes, I believe I'll get a few things off my mind, before finishing a load of laundry and heading to bed...First of all, I had to provide a picture for the newspaper for their voter's know, since I'm running for the school board. So, I chose this one. Anyone know how to edit a photo to make you look like you weigh 50 lbs. less? Common, they do it for Oprah, why not for me? Anyway, keep an eye out in the Register star in the next week or so, for the article. For my out of town friends, family, and blog buds, I'll post a link here when it's up.

Ok, a quick weekly recap...I went to a fabulous 2 day training on structured teaching on Thursday and Friday. I can't wait to get back to work to implement my new ideas. Saturday morning I went to my last class for this session. In two weeks I start my very last class! (Insert reflective pause here) Even though there are parts of school I will miss, I surely will not miss the time commitment nor the internships!

Saturday night I went scrapping with the girls...I made a super cute friends book for my big girl and Devin. I will try to get pics posted tomorrow. While we were there, my friend Anne got a call from her husband that their son had been accepted into the gifted program for first grade :) Needless to say, she was quite excited. My friend Sarah made some super cute books for upcoming classes in her scrap studio. I will be taking both of those classes for sure!
Since I have been working on mini books and legacy books for so long, I decided I really should work on some pages for a change. I started this page for Brennan last night. I still have to add embellishments and journaling, but I thought I'd share his super cuteness as a baby. Come. On. How cute is he?!?
We had such a great time... Even though I had only 4 hours sleep the night before...I arrived at scrap night at 2 and stayed until 11 and was hardly even tired! I so enjoy spending time with my friends and catching up. My friend Stacie made a super cute book of her boys and husband working on the car with a new 'gear head' line that they had at Archiver's. I dropped off Anne and was home about 12:30--today I had my baby Aubrey over. She had a little bit of a cold and was sneezing a lot so I decided not to take her to church today. Instead we stayed home and played. It was a super relaxing day. Tomorrow, I'm off work. I'm meeting a friend for lunch, and have a few errands to run. The rest of the day I plan to spend doing laundry and giving my kitchen a much needed overhaul and deep cleaning...I'll post that for Tackle it Tuesday, even though it would have been done on Monday...shhhhh don't tell k? Hope everyone got a little R&R in over the weekend...Stay tuned this week as I hope to catch up on all the posts floating around in my head ;)

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