Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wicked Week...

It has been a wicked week. Those of you that know what my family has gone through this week, has been wicked. Sad and wicked. Today, though...I wanted to share the wicked big girl is addicted to wicked...the musical. She and some friends are producing their own version of wicked in a friends back yard. Everything in my house has been invaded by Wicked...on the printer next to me...sits the book. Every time I walk upstairs, the big girl is singing in her bedroom practicing. When we're online together, she is watching wicked videos on YouTube. I have the songs stuck in my head, and one stuck on my blog. They are scheduling rehearsals. It is amazing. I'm feeling a bit bummed that I never got her to see the production live...I can't however...wait for the back yard production! Break a leg big girl!


jennifer said...

We are going to see it in a couple of weeks!! We are Wicked fans too.

I enjoyed the book although I glued two pages together because of a scene. I just didn't want my girls (who are younger) picking it up and reading that. Otherwise, I think the themes of evil and what leads a person to become what they are were well written.

Singing "Popular" as I click away!

Aim said...

How fun for the girls! Hannah would love to do that as well. We had WICKED crazy at our house a couple years ago. Now it's all about the vampires (Twilight!) Good luck on the vote!