Saturday, March 7, 2009

Enjoying the rain...

Today is one of those enjoy the rain days...I rolled out of bed at the crack of noon (didn't want to rush it you know) and have been cleaning like a crazy fool ever since. I just scrub-a-dub-dubbed my kitchen floor and I am sweatin bullets, but my floor is gleaming! I have all the rugs in the washer and my kitchen is going to be smelling sweet in no time! I also have my favorite apple candle burning, but am thinking of switching to mango salsa soon. I watched the weather this morning and discovered the low is supposed to be 10 degrees by Thursday; hence the reason to be enjoying the rain. The good thing about March though is spring is definitely right around the corner!

I cut my schedule down to two days a week at the college until I'm officially hired, so I've just added two more evenings to my life. Aaaaahhhhh, the joy of it all. The school board election is one month from today and I need to focus on a few events that I need to attend for that, get some signs printed and posted, and attend a few training events. It's hard to believe I'll be done with school in less than two months. Then, onward to a new chapter in my life.

Stephanie was out of school most of the week. She's back in bed temp, just the signs of a cold now and feeling much better. She made it through the musical last night...and has another performance tonight and tomorrow. Then, she'll need to focus on school to get caught up. Ugh! Next week at work, I have to administer the IAA (ISAT for special education students) to all of our students, so it will be a busy busy week.

Brennan has a friend over today (a real event for him) and so we're planning pizza and the continuation of cleaning and laundry. I also am planning to start my research paper tonight. My goal is to have that done and off my plate by the end of next week. I'm trying super hard to utilize my time, so that when summer comes, I am free and available to enjoy every minute of it. For today, however, I am enjoying the rain!


Shari said...

I logged off work early yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather because of the rain in today's forecast. I keep telling the girls that the rain is good for our summer garden. It's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sarah Doyle said...

Glad Steph is better.. Jacob seems to have had something too.
and.. you know i burn the mango salsa everyday pretty much. love it:)