Sunday, July 13, 2008


OMG! Don't look now but it is 299 short days until graduation. Any number under 300 makes it seem like it's just days away...

This was one of those weekends when there wasn't a lot on the agenda. What that means is there is a lot to be done, just not a lot on the agenda! I still haven't started day one of the fly lady know "shine your sink". I could see my sink earlier today and seriously thought about it, but that was as far as I got with that bright idea. Now the sink is full of dishes

We went to a cook out yesterday at our friend's house which was so nice. I'll have to post the pics tomorrow of the precious ones running through the sprinkler and just enjoying summer. I was so nice to show up when I was well rested after my nap, and spend some time with friends. Today, I got up early and did 3 loads of laundry before church! Yup ME! THREE LOADS! Ok, for you regular laundry folk that may not be a lot but for me that is a big accomplishment. I read the paper and got ready for church. We had a great speaker in place of our pastor who is out of town. He spoke on our body's being temples and how to properly take care of them. (He's a personal trainer by trade) It was odd, cuz I was feeling a bit of desperation regarding my weight lately and lo and is this guy popping into church to talk to us about it. Odd? or God? make a long story short...he gave many helpful hints, but one of which I intend to try first...fix one meal at a time. Pick breakfast, lunch or supper and make it healthy. I think I will start with breakfast, since that seems the easiest to change. So perhaps tomorrow we'll revamp breakfast and go from there.

After church I came home and napped for a bit and then took Brennan to the furniture store to look for his very first non-garage sale bedroom set. He picked out one that I had seen in the sale add that is a bit Urban mod and really not my taste, but I can definitely see him in it. Hubby had a stroke of course since we really need a bed more than he does, but I really feel like he should be all situated before school starts. More on that later...

After the furniture store I decided to try my hand at some much overdue yard work. I finally planted the flowers I bought in May (Brave that I'm admitting that here huh) -- and no they weren't dead. I took very good care of them for two months in their flats on the front porch. Finally, my berm is lined with pretty pink impatience. I am once again suffering from a dead battery or you know there'd be pictures here. After planting and weeding 4 lawn bags full of weeds, I mowed the front yard. During all this garden time...I believe I have FINALLY, after much thought and trepidation made my educational/professional decisions. I have decided to seek a school social worker position while building my private practice. Although this will require me to take two additional classes after graduation, I think it'll be worth it. Here's the deal...since I am the primary breadwinner in our family, there is just no way that I quit my job cold turkey and go into private practice. I can here it now...."Oh look honey! I had two clients this week and here's my check for $100! What luck!" No, that just definitely won't fly around here, we enjoy eating and a roof over our heads much too much for that! So...If I get a school SW job, I can work the cushy 180 days a year from 7 - 3. REALLY? 7 hours? I can't imagine. Anyway that still leaves like 8 hours in the day for me to work to equal the schedule I'm pulling right now! Really what I thought I'd do is rent a space in my friend's practice and work 3-4 hours 2 -3 nights a week until my practice grows. In the summer I thought I could do a lot of group work with kids, since they won't be in school. AND of course, I'll have insurance, and retirement. Shheeezzzz! Do I sound old! And really, if I decided to I could just work one job 180 days, 7 -3 with summers off and still make what I make now. Paradise! I think that sounds like the best fit for me. I love the school environment and I love working with kids. I also like to help teachers work with challenging children. So...sounds good to me. It feels better knowing there's a plan. Perhaps the PhD is in the future somewhere, but for now. I need some time for me and my babies...while there still babies teenagers.

So, after the large bout of yard work...I did two more loads of laundry and a root beer float and here I sit. I hung up all my work clothes for the week and honestly, I had to dust off my hangers. Hanging up isn't something I appreciate. I usually fold everything, but's a new day! Let's try hangers I thought! Wow right?!? Ok, maybe not for you, but for me...every step in the right direction is a good one. was a picture perfect day...a lot of thinking, a lot of doing, a lot of goal setting. Hope yours was great too!

Until next time...

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