Thursday, July 24, 2008

Play Ball!

I went to my big girl's soft ball game last night and was very surprised and most pleased to see this...This is right after the coach put her in TO PITCH!!! and she was feeling the stress...she had not pitched this season since breaking her pitching hand...and was a bit worried about her performance...but overall...not too bad..., especially for a girl that just spent 6 weeks on the bench! She didn't have as much power as before the hand break, but definitely held her own...Man how I love to watch her see those looks of concentration and determination that make her who she is...I can think of one word...tenacious...this is a girl that will go places and do great things. As she approaches her sophomore year, I pray daily that she will stay on the straight and narrow as more adult decisions come her way. She's a fabulous kid, my big girl :)

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Sarah Doyle said...

Man, she sure looks like an adult out there! I love her cute socks:)
When does she play next??
I worry just the same about all the decisions about to come their way.. {sigh}

ps LOVE this song.. so glad it's on your playlist, gets me groovin' every time..I keep trying to find it on itunes and no luck:(