Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So long and Hello

Today the big girl got her cast off----

I was instructed NOT to take her picture, since she hadn't showered yet today...
Time for the saw...a little bit scary, but no mistakes!
And then the scissors...almost there.
Hello hand! Haven't seen you in so long!
Aaaahhhhh! She is on her way to her first shower in 6 weeks. Oh what a relief it is!

They said that her bones healed nicely...but she has a velcro splint to wear for the next two weeks to help give her pinky some extra support. It is completely removable for showering, softball, swimming, running through the sprinkler and a million other summer time things she has missed out on so far. She has a follow up in 3 weeks to determine if she will need physical therapy, but the Dr. said it looked terrific. (Insert Mother's sigh of relief here)

As we said so long to the cast...we said hello to the latest addition to our family...Woody...

Although I wasn't in the market for another pet, my brother needed a 'foster home' for his cat while he is away. Woody was born in our dining room 10 years ago to our former cat Nala, so it is a little bit fun having him back. His mom was a peke face Persian and his dad was a tabby, so he is a little bit odd looking to say the least. He has a very sweet personality, but weighs about 30 lbs! (no joke) So definitely a diet is in order. Jake (our other cat) and Woody hate each other immensely, so they are keeping separate quarters for now. Hopefully they'll adjust in time. Until then...another cuddly one has been added to the Ruch family.

Until next time...

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Catherine said...

Cast off for summer, nice isn't it.
Your daughter get so many activities to do, she don't need that, especially if she goes simming!
Woody is cute. I like red cat. When I got mine, they told me that red cats have much personality! It seems to be true. Tell Woody, that on the picture he doesn't seem so heavy! And beware! 5 cats in the same family isn't a good team! ever!
I was coming to Watch your Sky, Jacque. Hope you'll participate. Remember I was the first this time! So first, that you even haven't get the time to publish it.