Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A little bit of this and that...

It was a bit of a tough weekend for me. I spent the weekend cleaning out my brother's house, packing his things, having a yard sale in the pouring rain and generally trudging through a very dreaded task. This is dreaded task #3 for me. The first was cleaning out Gramma Bee's house when she moved into a nursing home, and then going through her things after she passed away. (A minor task on the scale, but monumental with the grief level.) Second, cleaning out my Dad's house after sending him to a nursing home for Alzheimer's care. (A major task on the amount of work plus the grief level.) Finally, this weekend, packing my brothers things as he prepares for an extended stay in jail. (A minor task compared to the other two, yet dreaded none the less) I am pretty sure that at this point I have completed my fair share of cleaning up after others. I believe I have all of his important things packed up and things he may need when he gets out. My other brother will be storing his things in his garage (for which I am eternally grateful as one more thing in our house may have thrown me over the edge) Everything is done except moving the few boxes to my brothers. Hopefully that can be accomplished tomorrow and I can check this task off the list.

In other news...after being thoroughly exhausted on Saturday I went to scrap night with the girls. We had great carryout Italian food which was so yummy. I worked on a great acrylic album for my nephews graduation. As soon as it is done, I'll post some pics (just for you Catherine:) I'm really excited about the clear albums. So totally cool. Sarah posted on her blog inserting clear pages that are embossed. Too neat! I plan to include one of these pages too in the book.

I found myself in bed at 7:00 Sunday night and was out for the night. I desperately needed to do some catching up. Speaking of catching up...my baby girl went to Six flags yesterday. She got home about 12:30 and of course had to be up at 5 this morning. She needs some catching up too!

Tonight I work late at my internship...tomorrow, packing for the weekend. We will be spending the weekend in Kenosha with my brother his family, cousins and my Uncle Leo. I am SO looking forward to this time away, and so looking forward to a weekend on beautiful Lake Michigan. You can expect a few hundred photos from that event ;)

Tomorrow...finally...Steph gets her cast off. The can NOT come soon enough. Hope everything is healed the way it should be and all will be well!

Until next time...

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Catherine said...

Looks like I fail in posting this comment, yesterday. I hope you'll post your scrapbook creation. I gave up the idea of posting lay out myself since I can't use the scanner to post pictures of the size of a lay out.
Thanks, Jacque to comment in our Sunday walk, but it isn't our district. I don't know if you've seen really the view from our balcony, I posted it for you.
"See" you soon.