Thursday, July 10, 2008


I was cracking up today as I was checking out the fly lady site...Who knew that CHAOS stood for the Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome?!? That has been going on in my house for years! Whenever the kids want to have friends over we always say is the house clean? No? Then no friends over...(OBVIOUSLY hoping they'll see the need for a clean house, but after 15 or so years of parenting we have discovered they don't see it that way...they simply go to the friends house or talk to them online...either way, we still have a messy house) Somewhere among the Ruchus, I'm finding the need to incorporate the new meaning of CHAOS ;)

Anyway, I have just recently started reading these organization, cleaning, throw all the crap in your house away blogs, and perhaps it will help. Tonite...I'm gonna try Fly lady's suggestion and shine my sink. Certainly my husband will think I've lost my mind...more on that later.

Until next time...


Sunshine said...

I've tried Flylady a couple times, it usually just gets overwhelming. But two things sunk in and I've changed my approach ever since.

I always think first thing Where is my Laundry? And Where is my Dinner?

If I get to those things efficiently, I'm way ahead and the other stuff doesn't seem so bad.

Catherine said...

Oh! Jacque you make me laugh with that one. I say exactly the same words to my children before they invite someone. My house is clean, let's say just one hour before friends arrive. Then, ten minutes after their arrival, it's always the same mess! And if it's clean, it's only due to my effort, when I order ten things, they just have one done! When they live in their own house! What mess it will be!

Catherine said...

Concerning lexandra 's birthday cake. I've asked her two days before to tell me what kind of cake she would loved to eat, to have enough time to order at the "patisserie" or cook by myself. She never answered me. So I decided to buy some macarons . They're really good, delicate. Macarons are veru difficult to realize, pratically impossible to cook.
It was unusual. and everyone love them.
I've also cooked an apple pie, for those who like.