Saturday, August 9, 2008


I finished my summer semester today. *sigh I was to the point previously that the end of the semester signaled an out of sync time for me...a time without every minute of every day scheduled and I usually had a hard time adjusting to it. As I get closer to the end of the journey...these small hiatuses (is that a word?) become more and more welcome. I have two weekends off...we have two days scheduled at magic waters, hope to get up to Kenosha to get in some beach time with my brother, one memorial service, and then continue to work on the to do list around the house. We got A LOT!!! accomplished today, the first of which was the arrival of my new mattress. The 15 year old one that I got when I was pregnant with Stephanie has been replaced by a new non flip very tall, very dust mite free mattress. I sealed it up in every kind of water proof, allergy proof, zipper cover ever made, including the box springs because really, the whole dust mite thing gives me the heeby jeebies. So currently I have my newly waterproofed mattress sitting waiting for my newly sanitized mattress pad to come out of the dryer. That brings me to my next point...does your washer have the 'sanitize' setting? Cuz mine does, and although it takes about a year and a half to wash one load...I feel better knowing my bedding, towels, sock and underwear have all been sanitized and dutifully scoured by the 180 degree water. You think it really sanitizes them or is it all in my head? I don't really know or care, but I do know that I like the sound of that. Really, not too many things in this house are sanitary, what with the domestic engineer of the place working 70+ hours a week you know, so I appreciate even the slightest bit of sanitation. What this house needs is an Alice. For sure.

Tomorrow, church, and then more organizing of my bedroom and my scrap room. I also need to mow my lawn. A friend of ours said today...."gee who mows your lawn?" To which I replied, "nobody...can't you tell?" All right, point taken...I'll mow the stupid lawn tomorrow. Tonight, I have to take Cinderella, I mean Stephanie, to the ball (I mean Cherryvale mall) with the prince, (I mean the boyfriend). The teen years have hit full fledged as I've been instructed to drop them off at the mall and please don't linger. Hmmmpph. Guess I can actually do something for me with this new found free time. ;)

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