Monday, August 25, 2008

what to post...what to post...

what to post...hmmmm...funeral pictures? funeral readings? funeral attendees? funeral music selections? pictures of the food? pictures of the flowers? pictures of the altar? pictures of the burial? Is it proper to take pictures at funerals? And if you take pictures is it proper to post them on a blog...because really I'm all about the proper you know.

So the funeral was Saturday and all weekend I pondered posting on the ol' blog...decided not to. Realized today that my head was a Mess with a capital M last week. Here's how I know...I lost my calendar...really? My right arm is missing and the amputation doesn't serve me well. The calendar must be located this evening...God knows what I have missed. I got hate mail in my box about things I didn't turn in last week (because they are in my missing calendar AND I forgot my keys and the office was locked and so I had no way to turn them in) AND I had to apologize to a client today for not calling after I had promised to...And really none of those things are me...forgotten keys, lost calendar, unreturned phone calls...maybe in my younger days...but not today. The over achiever has kicked in full force. So...tomorrow...I am back on track...I was nearly there today except for the calendar and accompanying missing documents.

Driving home tonight...I pondered a post about the loveliness that is the weather this week. Mid to high 70's, sunny, really...perfect. Oh and that those birds I saw last fall are back. Perhaps I should snap some pics of my terrific gardens and pop them up here? After all I did prune all the bushes, mow, weed and water this weekend. Being sad will do that for won't motivate me to do house work...only threat of a nuclear war would accomplish that...maybe...but it surely will motivate me to work in the yard. And nap... a lot.

Anyway...thought I might post the super cute pages that I made Saturday night at scrap night and along with that tell my friends thanks for being there, Cassie thanks for your house, and the fact that my first legacy book for my child is 6 pages away from being done.

But then...I remembered my camera battery was dead...and that I still haven't shined my sink. *sigh


HeatherPride said...

I'm glad the stressful weekend is behind you! Have you found your arm yet?

Jacque said...

The calendar has been located! Houston...we no longer have a problem :)

3 kids & us said...

good think u found the calender.I hope u left some empty days for u>>>