Friday, August 15, 2008

Maybe I will...

Probably at some point I've mentioned here that my kids are Jonas Brothers FREAKS...yes, yes they are. Sad but true. I've also mentioned, I had to drive them to target to purchase the CD the day it came out in case it sold out before they owned it. Really, do CD's 'sell out'? I'm not so sure. AND, the girls have been stalking tickets on ebay to the concert in Chicago and I'm just about thinkin we're not going because it's nearly thousands of dollars for tickets (if you sit close enough to actually be able to recognize what you're seeing and not watch them on the jumbotron) -- but then...I'm hooked. The new CD is SO SO SO SO fabulous! My bff said to me today, "yeah I don't want to be one of those moms that's all crazy hooked on their kids music." Guilty. Yep, I'm one of those moms. Why is this CD the best ever? The Jonas Brothers came into their own on this one. (Am I getting paid for this excellent review?) Um definitely NOT! I digress...seriously this album is the best. At vacation bible school last night I overheard my big girl speaking with another small girl (actually taller than my big girl but younger) saying, yeah and what about da da da, can you believe how great that is? To which the small girl replied, "It's GENIUS!!!" OK, that might be a little over the top, but I must admit...I do like it.... a lot.

My faves: be be good and love bug. COME.ON.

So, I was thinking that since these tickets are not in my price range...and I have money in the bank that my mom sent me to buy the big girl a bedroom set, perhaps I'll buy Jonas Brothers tickets instead (insert here that my mom reads this blog and right now she has the angry look on her face ;) Ok, so I won't buy tickets with the bedroom money, but perhaps some reader out there who happens to have an extra 4 pack of tickets, including back stage passes would like to send them to me? Anyone? Anyone? Hello?



Anonymous said...

nice post mom... but its BB good. no be be. sheesh.


Anonymous said...

HI! again. um... yes i have one more correction. love bug?? no. one word. lovebug. like that. see?? k. just thought id let you know. =]


Mike said...

I'm a new parent, so I've yet to get to where you are, but this is what I fear I will become! One of my friends has kids and I asked what the best movie she'd seen lately was and she said, "George of the Jungle." I said, "You mean for kids, right?" And she said, "No! It's good period!" Hmm. Dunno about that!

The Jonas may be fun but don't forget to keep spinning adult tunes too! ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Do you ever know your MOM. You better believe my face got a bit distraught as I was reading, but I have faith in you my darling daughter that you will find Steph a bed before the money burns a hole in your bank account!

Luv you lots for all you do. Would luv to pay for concert tickets, but having a bit of a budget crunch right now. Larry is having a phone interview tomorrow to be a counselor for the military. If he gets the contract, they could send him anywhere in the world they said, except for Iran and Irac. Keep your fingers crossed. Our military really needs good counselors. This is the third step in acquiring a contract. If he passes the interview, the last step is a criminal check, which he just had done a few months ago to renew his license, so no problem forseen there.
Tomorrow I hope to go in the archives and check on pics of Poppy.

Luv to all my babies big and small and tiny...yo mama