Friday, July 10, 2009

Facebook....a sure sign of memory loss...

I facebook. A lot. Too much. I quite enjoy it actually. Especially the part where half the 'kids' I went to school with are on there and it's just like we're hanging out again in 1984. It's a bit of living the high school years vicariously through a social network I believe, but here's the thing...there seem to be all kinds of people who 'claim' they went to school with me and want to be my friend. We affectionately call them 1984 wanna be's. Because we must have been the most popular class of all time, hence the reason so many people would want to fake their attendance at my ever so humble school. As these unknown people continue to try to befriend me I thought to myself...self, it is time to get out the yearbooks.

Last night I ventured into the deep caverns of the back of my basement and in a box labeled yearbooks...located the long lost photo memoirs. I opened the front cover of my senior yearbook and the first alarming realization was that I could not recall some of the people that had actually signed my yearbook. Now, certainly I didn't have strangers sign my yearbook right? I proceeded to look through page after page of my 500 classmates at which point I had another memory sucks! These '1984 wanna be's' are indeed there on the printed pages of my dusty yearbook. So future facebook friends, let me apologize for doubting you...I will continue to comb through the pages, to recall lost memories...and accept your friendship to form new ones :) Happy Friday.

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Shari said...

Too funny! I also went to a very large high school. I was recently chatting with another Mom while our girls were in ballet class. It turns out that we both went to the same high school and graduated the same year. When we chatted, it was like we were in two different schools. We had no common memories.