Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hijink may ensue...

I have had a few, let's just say issues...on the 4th. I love this Holiday...because of what it represents...our brave men and women who have fought and are fighting for our freedom. I also love this holiday because it's my brother's birthday. This year he is 48. (Don't tell anyone I told you ok?)
The 4th of July hold's quite a history for me, as I'm sure it does for I thought I'd share a bit of my firecracking history...

My earliest memory of the 4th is when my mom, my brother and I went to watch fireworks at the speedway and a shell landed at our feet....we had to run like he** to not lose any parts! I think I was 3.

As a youngster Mrs. Ruchus and her brothers would go watch the fireworks at a local middle school. At that young age, I still got very nervous at the loud booms you could feel in your chest.

As a teenager, I attended with friends to a variety of locations and was once hit in the eye with a piece of a shell when the wind changed directions midway through the show. A quick trip to the medic hut, an eye flush, and I was back on my way.

In my twenties, when sleep wasn't an option, I enjoyed watching our fireworks from a friend's boat on the river. The glitch here was that it always took at least 3 hours to get off the river and so...I may have looked just a bit tired at work the next day.

Once we had children, we had to be a bit more creative in our location. Being FULLY aware of the dangers of fireworks, I surely didn't want to expose my children and with my son's sensory disorder, finding just the right spot was very important. Usually we would drive around in our van and when we found a good view, pull to the side of the road and watch where our kids could enjoy the show from the safety and quietness of our van.

My favorite fireworks perch was from this little spot...

The Rock River Towers...we had a friend with a condo on the 13th floor. From there we could sit in the air conditioning on his sofa and watch the fireworks. It was by far....THE best firework viewing location. Sadly, he moved and so this location is no longer a choice. Since then we've been on the banks of the river, the top of a parking garage, sitting on a bridge...let's just say I never miss the fireworks...until now.

Recently my brother moved to Kenosha...right on lake block from where they shoot off the fireworks...this is my new favorite spot! Today, we took a trolley ride, we watched the boats come in off Lake Michigan, we went to the farmers market, AND we had one of these... As a small girl...Mrs. Ruchus would run out to the street with her 15 cents in had to get a rainbow sprinkle cone, the likes of which have been without compare in all her years... Guess what I had today? You guessed it!! A rainbow sprinkle cone, from the Mr. Softee man. It is now $3 I might ad, but hasn't lost one bit of the wonderful memories it had when I was little :)

The boys are outside (by boys I mean my brother and my husband) playing remote control cars...and it's time for me to get the burgers made...Have a safe 4th everybody... AND Happy Birthday Tim!

Don't forget to take a moment to thank a veteran dad, my step dad, Poppy, and my 4 brothers, all served their country in the armed forces. Thanks! And thank you to all the families that are away from their loved ones today as they continue to fight for our freedom.

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