Friday, July 3, 2009

My new little friend

Have you had something you have wished for, budgeted for, waxed and wained for but never quite got...yet you didn't give kept reading, researching, hoping, thinking one day, there won't be bills and I can splurge and one day the kids won't have a wish list twice as long as mine and one day there will be time to learn how to use the sought after object, and someday I'll be able to preserve memories with clarity and talent. Any guesses? Does this help? That readers is my new little friend...coming to a store near me soon! It is a gift I got for my that I have dreamed of for a long first SLR (insert smiles here, in fact, my daughter just asked why I was smiling while typing!) I have researched some local classes I can take to introduce myself to my new friend....prepare for many many more photos on the ole blog! It should arrive in a week or so....pure bliss!


candi tardio said...

congrats on the new camera jacque!!! enjoy :)

Stacie said...

Love it!