Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shenanigans can often be overheard when a new driver drives a strange car

For your reading pleasure...let me share with you a snippet of a conversation I had with my precious one today. She was calling from Arizona...

Precious one: OUCH!!!

Mrs. Ruchus: What happened precious one?!?

PO: A Raindrop just hit me in the eye!

MR: Oh? It's raining there?

PO: Yes, we're (using that term loosely) driving papa's car and we don't know how to use the air conditioning or the window wipers so we're driving with the window's down and a raindrop just hit me in the eye.

MR: (sighs and says Good Lord under her breath) Precious one, tell your sister to pull over and look for the window wipers on the turn signal.

PO: She found them, but now they only turn on every once in a while

MR: Yes Precious One, that is the delay, tell her to turn it farther and they'll turn on.

PO: Ok Mom, but we're home now....bye.

And so it goes...another gray hair was added today.


Anonymous said...

that wasnt even what happened... okay. we wer driving. yea windows down cause idk how to use the air.. but the wipers wer like ... i dont know. i never did find them. adn it started raining a little. then it started monsooning!! and the only way we new how to get the wipers to go wer to spray window cleaner at the windows. then the wippers wipped up the window after that. so we just cept cleaning the windows in the monsoon till we got home. =) we never did find themm....

~stephanie joy

jennifer said...

L! O! L! The comments on this post were just as awesome as the actual post. Don't you love girls?

This gave me the BIGGEST grin!

Jacque said...

Jen, it seems as if my big girl thought the actual happenings were better right?!? She made me laugh too!

JC said...

The first comment made me laugh harder than the post. Too, too funny!! I'm so behind on blog reading. Sorry I'm trying to catch up.

I saw the BlogHer add. Are you going to the Conference in Chicago this week? I am. Would love to meet you there.