Friday, July 31, 2009

No means...maybe later?

There are some very persuasive ladies in the Ruchus home. I seemed to have a knack for persuasion and it has served me well in life honestly. The trouble with this trait is I have passed it on to my precious one. Oooooh have I passed it on. Let me elaborate. For weeks, I have wanted this new kitty. My daughter's friend needed to find a home for their kitty and he is 7, so this wasn't really the easiest task. Except that he's a Bengal...which means he is beautiful with a capital B. The minute I heard he was up for grabs I wanted him. Even though we already have two old cantankerous cats here, I knew a third one would be just, well, fabulous. Unfortunately, the man of the place didn't see it that way. I pleaded and prodded, set up a time for him to meet the cat (which he declined by the way) and generally used all of my best persuasive which came the resounding "no, we don't need another cat" First of all, it's not about neeeeeeeding a cat, it's about wanting a cat. Does anybody need a cat? I don't think so. These conversations mostly transpired while the precious one was in Arizona. When she got home, I told her that we (using that term very loosely) had decided against the cat. Her persuasive skills immediately kicked into high gear. By the end of the evening no had changed into "we'll see". Yesterday we'll see...turned into yes...I was in disbelief. After the precious one told me her dad had said yes, I sent my sonshine to double check...yep he said...Dad said yes. Wow! I stand in awe of your persuasive powers precious one...

And today...we welcomed the newest member of the Ruchus....Julio


jennifer said...

Julio is beautiful! I want a new kitty too and my husband knows it. He wouldn't go in Petsmart with me the other day - said he was nobody's fool :(

Grammie said...

Remember how we got Sterling? One night when Barry was drunk, I said ,"Oh, there's the kitty I want on TV"...for the 1000th time! Much to my surprise, he replied, "If you really want one that badly, go ahead and get one." Within two weeks, you, Jacque, had found the perfect kitty for me!

Luv you..yo mama