Tuesday, December 16, 2008


How many countdowns can one person possibly have? It seems to me I'm always counting down something, yet trying not to wish my life away. Here is a list of the current count downs:

# of working days left at current job: 16

# of days to work until Christmas Break: 3

# of days til Christmas: 9

# of days til I leave on vacation: 10

# of days til graduation: 143

# of weekends left of class: 12

# of days that crazy shoe duckin W has left in office: 34

Hmmmmph...many many countdowns...too many? You decide...whats most important is the enjoyment I gather along the way.

Maybe for me I have so many countdowns because I'm a procrastinator. If I count down, then I can figure the very last minute I can start something. Perhaps. I'm in such a transitional phase in my life right now. So many changes. So challenging, yet so very exciting. Perhaps it's a midlife crisis minus the red car!

Hey! By the way, I got another job today...that makes 3. I got a job as a professional development advisor. Imagine me, counseling people on what type of job they want and how to get there. How fun is that? I applied about 6 months ago for this job, but it didn't work out then. Right now the timing is perfect. Again...very exciting. I'm not sure I'll ever be the type of person to only have one job at a time. It's not that I love to work, and I am definitely NOT a work-a-holic, but I love to learn, and the best way to learn is to teach others...and I love to help other people accomplish their dreams. My very final goal in life and something that I would so love, would be to be a motivational speaker. Oh...and write a book. Gee...I wonder if there is room in my life for 2 more jobs. Not today...

Anyway, after a few days down in the dumps, I'm sure feeling a bit better today. There's still some things stuck in my craw that are bothering me, but not so much anymore. I am telling myself "this too shall pass" and it makes it a bit easier.

Today, my mom was scheduled for surgery but they changed it to tomorrow. Makes me wonder if I've been praying for patience. I surely have not. Learned my lesson about that long ago! But I surely seem to need to practice it a lot. Please pray for my mama. She's having some Arteries cleaned out tomorrow. Thanks :)

Today I got my first two Christmas Cards. Two gals on the BFF list. Thanks for the cards :)

Today, my big girl texted me this question...what does written up mean and what is a referral?

Me: Who wants to know?

BG: Me...Sheez

Me: Why?

BG: No reason, just tell me.

Me: Written up is when you've broken a rule and they are telling you so in writing. A referral is something in school that normally means you have some kind of discipline coming.

BG: OIC...I have a story to tell you.

Me: Sounds like you do.

For the rest of the story...visit my big girl's blog here.

Off to commiserate with the laundry and TIVO!



Mrs. G. said...

Best wishes to your mom and Merry Christmas to you!

Tootie said...

Sending good thoughts your mom's way today.

You mentioned hoping for good weather on vacation next week. It's looking good! If you can handle low 80's in the daytime. :-)