Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You ready?

I think I'm pretty ready. I'm surely more ready than I can remember being in a long time! We got so much accomplished today! We finished the final batch of cookies....twice. We got up early and made the batch of corn flake holly. They were all pristinely placed on wax paper on the table. I left to take Brennan to the dentist (no cavities), Stephanie was sleeping, and Kristina was in the shower. When I got home, half the corn flake holly was gone and there was a pile of red hots by the patio door. Evidently dogs don't like red hots, but they do like corn flake holly! I remade the batch and packed up all my cookies to deliver. We made our deliveries, stopped at the mall for one last present which was $29.99 and I got it for 2.14!!!! You can't go wrong with a deal like that, it's nearly free! Finally we stopped at Walmart and bought the Christmas dinner for tomorrow. The house is actually pretty picked up. We'll just need to do flat surface cleaning tomorrow, clean the bathrooms, and scrub the floors. Throughout the day I'll be doing laundry and getting ready to pack. My honey has to work til noon and then I'll get the kids to clean out the truck so we can start packing.

My brother and his daughter, son-n-law and granddaughter will all be here about 5 or 6 to eat, open presents, and have yummy desserts. The snow is supposed to stop at noon, so hopefully the roads will be clear for my brother to get here from Kenosha. We'll head to church at 10:30 for our peaceful candlelight service...the highlight of Christmas for me.

I have a few presents to wrap and a light dinner to cook tomorrow. I'm thinking there may be a nap in store for me tomorrow! Now that, is a perfect Christmas Eve. Hope you and yours are happy, healthy, and safe this holiday season.

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