Monday, December 15, 2008

Feeling the crunch...bah humbug...

I must say that I'm feeling the crunch this year, and it's making me be a bit bah humbugish. I would like for this food item to not be on our menu next year. Although I would also like for this food item to not be on our menu,
my kids would be a little upset about that. And by the way...those 3 empty boxes and the package of Ramen would be dinner for my 14 year old son. Dear son...could you please just eat one TV dinner, not 3? We're trying to watch our budget!
I've only bought two presents so far and am desperately trying to ensure the kids have presents under the tree. It's tough. We are going to Florida, which is also a struggle, but we are determined to get there. I haven't had an unscheduled day off since January...and I believe a vacation is in order if I am not to lose my mind.
I believe a sure sign of the financial crunch this year, is that I have not received one, not one, Christmas card. Our cards have been cut from my budget this year as well. I felt it was either the cards or the Christmas cookies that had to go, so I chose the cards. Today it is 3 degrees here...actual temp, not wind chill-- so that can only mean one thing...many cars won't start or will break down, which will make my husband's shop busy, which may help the situation some. I have 5 days left to work until I have 2 weeks off. Aaaaaahhhhhh.
I just know that once I get through this week, it'll all be ok. I'll have a few minutes to breath...and some time to get ready for the holiday and to contemplate the true meaning.
Last week was busy as ever...I finished teaching on Wednesday night and finished school on Friday night: my car was in the process of breaking down, my son got in a fight after school, and it generally a downer day. I made it to school, and am super glad to be done for a few weeks. I have my research paper due in I desperately need to get that finished while on the beach :)
Saturday morning, my girls participated in a Breakfast with Santa fund raiser for their girl scout troop. Not many people showed up and I think they may have lost money. Again...a sign of the times?
Saturday night, was my company Christmas Party...the last party for me...but oddly enough I didn't feel sad. In fact, I had quite a good time, despite not feeling in the Ho Ho mood. My BFF and I both wore make up for the occasion...
For us...that's quite a feat! When you work with puke and snot all day, makeup isn't usually a priority ;) I actually needed a picture of us for a scrapbook I made some time ago, and I finally have one that is decent!
Finally, I wanted to share this picture of my brother's fattest cat of all time...
Notice how he sleeps by the food bag ?! He believes you can never be too close to the food! I believe he has lost at least 5 lbs since living with us. Before when he laid down, his belly was round like a basketball! Now he just looks like a fat sausage!

He was only slightly annoyed by the flash. I do truly love his fatness...he's snow snuggly:) Very good on a cold winter's day.

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jennifer said...

Fat and snuggly indeed. He looks like a mellow cat.