Thursday, December 11, 2008

Could I pulleeeez go back to work?

Yesterday I had a day off from work. I had visions of a nap, a good magazine read, watching my soap, doing some laundry, and greeting the kids with a June Cleaver smile and clean apron when they walked in the door. Did any of that come to be you ask?

Ummmm. No. Definitely. No.

I left the house at 8 AM for an 8:30 appointment that once again was rescheduled until next week. I had a gazillion errands to run...and while I was running I picked up my first two Christmas presents. Since we are so totally broke this year and going to Florida (that's an odd combination isn't it?) my Christmas shopping will be exceptionally light. I anticipate buying about 12 gifts total this year. Anyway, I digress...

I ran a bunch of errands, had to stop by work at least twice to drop stuff off, attended a retirement party briefly since I had a God-awful meeting with some Upward Bound folks, stopped home for a moment to throw dinner in the crock pot...which was tough and not very good (so much for slow cooking) and then taught class last night until 8:00. I came home and spent a few moments with my big girl, trying to help her make some choices in what things she wants to participate in...and then finally collapsed into bed. Gratefully my bu** isn't as sore from the fall as it was yesterday and I could actually be somewhat comfortable in bed. I am glad to be back at work. I do believe that my two weeks off during the holidays will be much more restful. Until then, I think the todo list is getting the best of me.

I read Jen the Dust Bunny Hostage' post on shopping, and I feel the same way. Why do I hate shopping so much? I think it's due to the internet. I REALLY prefer to shop from home, when I feel like it, in my jammies while sipping some hot cider. Not fighting the crowds, the lines, the limited selections, the sold outness (is too a word), and the 4 inches of salt melted mushy slow I had to trudge through yesterday. Also, this year there is a lot more list than dollars and that just makes it a bummer.

Here's hoping the new year brings renewed prosperity for the US and for us.

Signing off now, and glad to be back at work :)

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