Thursday, December 4, 2008

The job market...or not...

There's been a lot of talk on this ole blog about new jobs, old jobs, etc. today, I thought I'd share a bit, some random bits, about various jobs. Let me digress and tell you how I got there...the other night I was at my precious one's band concert. There I saw an amazing woman with whom I used to work. As she introduced me to her boyfriend, she explained that we used to work in hell together. (I know this is a family G rated blog, but really, it was hell!) Anyway...she went on to say how dumb it was, how unchristian, how crazy, and I replied yeah...and we all had to really stick together to not lose our minds! Aaaaaahhhhhh, the good ole days!'s some job related things you may not know about me...

#1 the very first job...waitressing in the back poker room at a local night club for special events. Yup I was about 13 I think and the old Italian men tipped very well :)

#2 the first regularly scheduled job...Pork Chop Alley...grill cook...yuck! The terrific thing about eating at Pork Chop Alley was that everything was covered in grilled onions. The terrific thing about working at Pork Chop Alley was that everything was covered in grilled onions....NOT!!!! Even after washing, my work clothes still smelled like onions! As did my boyfriends car after I rode home in it from work...sorry dude!

#3 Next on the agenda...Hardees...I was the quality control chick there. Someone saw some management potential in me :) I loved that job for about 2 months...I remember calling home one night to ask my mom if I could quit! Today the thought of asking my mom that question cracks me up! I'm pretty sure she said no, since I had a car payment to make, and I'm pretty sure I quit anyway. Gee, wonder why I bothered to ask.

#4 Chuck E Cheese. I worked this job the rest of high school and loved it. I was a birthday party hostess and Chuck E. himself. I got a lot of hours there (which at 3.15 an hour equated to a lot of money in my book!) and I worked with great people and of course children...I never could get enough of children :)

Hmmmm....then I moved to Georgia

#5 Richway...kind of like Target...loved that job too...hated the customers...I worked as a cashier and at the Service was like shopping all day long!

Hmmmmm....then I moved back to Illinois

#6 Lawrences...I was a nail technician there...I loved that job too...although the money...not so much.


#7 Hell...oops I mean Illinois Bell. I was there for 9 years. Really good money, really good, really good friends, awful awful awful job and an awful company to work for. Working there required a lot of therapy.

#8 opened my day care home...the real beginning of my work with children :) Got to stay home with my babies for a time...

#9 E. Riverside Learning Center...infant teacher. I went to school with my kids and I loved this job. If this job paid well, it is the job I would be doing today. I do not think there is any more important position than giving a baby a firm secure foothold in life!

#10 West...back to the corporate world. I loved this job since I was very successful at was also a wonderful income compared to daycare, but being on call 24/7 wasn't for me. I also loved the client entertainment portion :) Fine dining, sports events, etc. etc. AND, I made some wonderful life long friends there.

#11 Back to the children...where I'm at now...I do love this job...but I have a desire to have my skill and talent better utilized...and I want to continue to learn. I have worked with some amazing people during my time here, and learned a lot.

#12? Time will tell

Now, let's just say that you'd be here reading all day if I listed all the part time jobs...bartender, waitress, pet store, teacher, multi level marketing...oh yes there have been many!

It's been quite a journey. I hope to have about 25 years of work left in me...there's a great need, and a whole lot of help that can be given in that amount of time...

Now it's your turn...take a minute and comment what your favorite job was...I'd like to know


HeatherPride said...

Those are some jobs!! I think my favorite job was as a lifeguard down at the Lake of the Ozarks one summer. The first time in my life I had a great tan!! And I got into pretty great shape after all that swimming, too! (hmmm, maybe I should go back to lifeguarding?) paid $3.15 an hour too!

3 kids & us said...

My first job was at pizza
I wasn't very good at it either. Then I moved on to the sea food world at long john silvers.I once even managed a apartment complex and lived on site apartment complex. I started working with children at Spring Creek Learning center where I met sarah.

musing said...

My favorite job is blogging. Oh, wait. I don't get paid for that!